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Quick guide to the rules

Golf Regulations

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Quick guide to the rules

This guide provides a simple explanation of common Rules situations. It is not a substitute for the Rules of Golf, which should be consulted whenever any doubts arises. For more information on the points covered, please refer to the relevant Rule.

Golf Regulations

Local rules

  1. S.G.A. rules adopted by the F.M.G. govern all play except where modified by the local rules.
  2. “Out of Bounds” are defined by white concrete poles, the inside curb of adjacent streets and all boundary fences and walls from houses or lots.
  3. “Water Hazards” are marked by RED stakes. Designated “Drop Zones” are an extra option to the rule.
  4. Stones in bunkers are considered “movable obstructions” (rule 24-1) and could be dropped without penalty (appendix 1-B5)
  5. Ant hills and paths are considered “Ground under repair”.

Local rules

  1. Yardage markers are measured to the center of the green. Red=100yds, White=150yds, Blue=200yds and Yellow=250yds.
  2. Holes on each nine are handicapped separately. The first or odd stroke falls on the first nine one plays.
  3. The bunker on the entire right side of the 7th hole in Marina is considered “Waste Bunker” and should not be played as a hazard.
  4. If a ball lies “through the green” and an “immovable obstruction” on or within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of the ball intervenes on the “line of play” between the ball and the hole, the player may take relief without penalty. (Appendix 1-B6)
  5. All players should know and apply the rules of play and competition.

Courtesy rules

  1. ALL Cart and player signs must be observed.
  2. Please maintain a timely pace of play. Play “Ready Golf”. The estimated par-time for a “Foursome” is 4 hours.
  3. Is the players’ responsibility to fix divots in fairways, repair bunkers and repair ball marks on the green. Caddies must help with those activities.
  4. Soft spikes policy in force.
  5. All groups must check with the “Starter” before play and at the turn.

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